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About Portie Puppies

Hi! Welcome to Portie Puppies! My husband, Drew, and I have been breeding dogs since 2013 and created Portie Puppies to serve as a small dog breeding business that strives to provide customers with their dream dog and companion for life.


We specifically breed AKC registered Portuguese Water Dogs and take great pride in the integrity with which we breed these beautiful animals and the pets they produce. Our breeding dogs are tested and lovingly cared for to ensure that our customers receive puppies with the greatest likelihood of living long, healthy lives.



We live in the charming city of Camas, WA (right outside of Portland, OR) where we pride ourselves on providing our customers with healthy, well tempered, wonderfully furry additions to their family. With so many breeders to choose from, we feel honored that you chose to visit our site. We continually strive to learn more so we can provide education to our clients on this incredibly industrious, intelligent breed. So, thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy looking around our site and gain the information you need to feel confident in choosing Portie Puppies as your dog breeder of choice.






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