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Puppy Available for Guardian Home!

A Guardian Home is where we place some of our breeding dogs to live as forever pets as well as partner with us in our breeding program. Portuguese Water Dogs need a lot of attention, exercise and love. Instead of keeping multiple PWDs in our home, we allow a few of our breeding dogs to live in a guardian home where they can each receive the individual time, care, and affection they need and deserve. We work closely with our guardian homes during the dog's breeding years and include them in the breeding, whelping, and puppy raising process. Once the dog is done breeding, typically after 4 litters, the family will keep the dog as their forever pet. Guardian homes get a wonderful dog for free and we get peace of mind knowing our breeding dogs have a loving home and family forever. 

We are currently looking for a family who is interested in our guardian home program where we can place one of our highest quality puppies. All of our guardian homes go through an application and interview process. These homes must be current or previous dog owners, live locally in the Camas/Vancouver/Portland area and have experience or the desire to learn about whelping and raising puppies. They must also have a fenced yard and maintain an active lifestyle. There are a plethora of other pre-requisites that you would need to qualify you as a potential guardian home but those are the basics. If you are interested in working with us and want to learn more please email us at: Or fill out our form below with the subject "Guardian Home" We look forward to hearing from you!

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