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Hi, I'm Menea (pronounced meh-nay-ah)! It comes from the Spanish verb 'meaner' which means to shake; dance; swing; or wiggle. I got my name because I wag and wiggle my tail and back end so vigorously when I'm excited that it looks like I'm dancing every time. My family thinks I'm the best dog ever! I'm super happy, smart, sweet energetic, and loyal. I'm always up for a game of fetch, a hike, swim, or just running around in circles with a toy in my mouth. My life's motto is: The messier I can get, the more fun I have! So I've learned to love baths. I enjoy sniffing the wind and just standing in the rain. Naps by the fire are only used as my way to recharge for my next big adventure, even if that's just a walk to the mailbox. My favorite treats are peanut butter, yak chews, and belly rubs. I play with my human brother and sister and give them kisses every chance I get. I just want to make my family happy so whenever any of them walk through the door, I bring them a toy. My favorite place to be in the whole world is with my family and loving on them is what I do best. My family couldn't imagine a world without me; I know this because they tell me that all the time. 

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Meet Ladybird: the sweetest, most loving animal ever. She loves people of all ages, especially those who are willing to give her attention and show her affection. She especially loves her family and the three kids who keep her entertained and busy with all their shenanigans. Ladybird is up for any adventure but also down to just stay home and cuddle on the couch with her people. She enjoys going on walks, snuggling with her favorite toys and taking them everywhere she goes, meeting new people and pets, and learning new tricks. 


Pepper loves to play with her family! She is energetic but likes to cuddle on the couch after playing with kids all day. She loves her walks and exploring new places, running in the field and playing fetch. Pepper also enjoys wrestling with our fluffy cat, Winston. She is a quick learner and wags her tail for anything and anyone. She loves cuddling and enjoys being in the middle of the action. She is a great combination of laid back but full of personality. Her favorite toy is a stuffed ball that goes just about everywhere with her. A funny quirk of hers is that when we come home she always greets us with a wagging tail and a toy in her mouth! Pepper is a great family dog that everyone loves!

This is Olee, our silly and energetic stud dog. He weighs in at a whopping 55 pounds and runs around not yet fully understanding his size and strength, believing to be much smaller than he actually is. He puts a smile on every face he meets and is affectionate and playful. He loves being with his family and meeting anyone who happens to cross his path. Fetch, a long walk, and napping on the couch are a few of his favorite things. 

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