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Meet Prince, our handsome stud dog who lives up to his name and loves to be pampered. He has such a fun, energetic temperament and enjoys being smothered and smothering others with love. Prince enjoys getting daily exercise and receiving coat, nail, and other beauty maintenance on a monthly basis. He is truly seen and treated as another treasured member of the family. We are proud to have Prince as one of the stud dogs in our breeding program. 

Lady Bird Website Picture.jpg

Here is our sweet Lady Bird. She is the daughter of Prince and River and reminds us so much of her mom. She is gentle and fun and so eager to please. Her perfect day would include lots of cuddles, fetch at the park, a long walk, and playtime with her two favorite kids, Georgia and Caroline. We love this dog and are so thankful to have her in our breeding program.

Ginja 2.jpg

Say hello to Ginja, our loyal and loving dam. The inspiration for her name comes from a popular Portuguese liquor, Ginjinha or simply Ginja. She is going to be the mama dog to our Spring 2020 litter and I couldn't be more excited! She comes from a completely different line than Prince and River and posseses some excellent character and physical traits that I am looking forward to seeing live on through her puppies. 


This is Olee, our silly and energetic stud dog. He weighs in at a whopping 55 pounds and runs around not yet fully understanding his size and strength, believing to be much smaller than he actually is. He puts a smile on every face he meets and is affectionate and playful. He will be papa dog to our Summer 2020 litter. I am excited about the great match he and Molly will be!

We are very proud to introduce to you our beautiful and smart mama dog, River. She is one of the most well behaved, gentle dogs you will ever meet. She is involved in 4-H where she has come home with the 1st place blue ribbon on multiple occasions. We are very happy about the wonderful qualities she will pass down to her puppies. 

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